Win and collect new cards by taking your opponents in a high risk competitive PvP card game. Trade with friends or unlock exclusive cards from story based quests. Earn bragging rights as you climb the leaderboards to claim the top spot.


Immerse yourself in a progressive storyline. Take the lead of a customizable character where you can explore the world of Eminence, challenge other players or take part in Xander's quests to reveal the tales that unfold within the three kingdoms of Artalys.


Take to the stage in our fully interactive tournament mode where you can claim the top spot and win exclusive prizes. Alternatively you can join forces and build a team to battle cooperatively against other teams.


Get lost in a beautifully composed soundtrack from an award winning composer as you explore a real time virtual world. Epic music to go with your adventures and battles.

Latest Divisions

  • Aeterna
  • This Division has not been unlocked yet.
  • Ixion
  • This Division has not been unlocked yet.
  • Wilkurse
  • This Division has not been unlocked yet.
  • Hollows - Bringers of Malevolent
  • This Division has not been unlocked yet.
  • Locked
  • This Division has not been unlocked yet.


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