Evalisk – Timeless Void

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The harbinger of death, Evalisk, resides in the rifts of a timeless void. His powers skirt the lines of God, dealing with restless souls who have failed to cross over the void beyond. When the soul of a deceased bares great hate, the weight of their resentment prevents the soul from crossing the void. These spirits are harvested by Evalisk, who draws his power by consuming them. He is the raw manifestation of the hate and fear which has plagued Artalys for aeons.

The birth of the new Solus cycle began to plummet Evalisks existence as the inhabitants of Artalys strived to rebuild their world. Long before Maximus discovered the ancient book of Delzerus, it fell into the hands of an old merchant living in the village of Celeia. The book contained forbidden dark Alchemy techniques, including one which served the purpose of binding Evalisk, using his power to reanimate a deceased soul. Driven to resurrect a dear friend, the merchant became obssesed and would kill innocent people, performing rituals to satisfy the requirements of the technique. The ability backfired, fuelling the re-manifestion of Evalisk who appeared and devoured the merchants' life.

As centuries passed and became rifled with conflict, the effects re-birthed Evalisks power as he consumed countless restless souls who fell victim to the violence which enslaved Artalys for years. The demonic macabre entity used his scythe, the 'harvestor', to carry souls into the voids of darkness.
However, the period of peace instrumented by the three empires brought a disturbance in Evalisks existence. The number of restless souls hastily diminished once again, weakening his life force. As he gains from humans killing each other, interfering in their conflicts was out of the question. By using the harvester to personally conduct the killings, his life force would continue to weaken.

Despite Evalisk honouring the Hollows' motives, he himself has no affiliation to their purpose. The whispers of Delzerus have transcended beyond darkness into the timeless void reaching the ears of Evalisk, sealing an unsuspected truce between the harbinger of death and the Hollows. He pledged his allegiance to the army of dark forces being conjured by Millennia, at the peaks of Mt. Olskan.

On the promise of conducting the resurrection of Delzerus and Malphas, Evalisk would be offered the vast amount of souls who would be slaughtered by the Hollows in the upcoming battle. The Hollows invasion would spread fear and hate across Artalys, fuelling the resentment humans would bare for one another.


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