Millennia – Hostile Oblivion

17 Jul, 2014 | David | No Comments

This sinister necromancer rules the Draol, a race of blood sucking beasts who worship the evil guardian Diablo as their deity. For years she has led the terrorisation of many small nations with her legion of dark forces.

Millennia has an insatiable thirst for malice and chaos, sacrificing human lives as an offering for Diablos' manifestation. Tales have been told of her screams, able to pierce through skulls and send waves strong enough to permanently damage the psyche of an individual. She has sworn her allegiance to Malphas in aiding the Hollows and their quest for dominance.

The Draol have claimed the shadowy mountains of Olskan as their habitat, situated in the Northern region of Aeterna. They've deceptively used human disguises to prey on their targets whilst hiding their true monstrous form.

The day has come for Millennia to slowly rise as thunderclaps polish the aberrant night sky over the shadowy mountains. She fearlessly stands, with a menacing laugh by the peak of Olskan, lifeless bodies strewn along the pathway that leads to her demonic fortress. Gazing across the valleys and beyond with diabolic eyes, there at the bottom awaits an army of thousands of beasts and resurrected warriors, turned to darkness and nothing but empty husks ready to serve the hostile oblivion.


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